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Going for a Stroll

July 15, 2009

The weather is being very, very nice.  From May till July, the hottest afternoon temperature is maintaining at about 19C to 24C.  When the sun set, it may be anything from 8C to 15C.  With temperature like this, I try to do a little jogging every morning when I woke up.  And in the evening, despite after having gone to the gym, we still manage to go for a 3 kilometre stroll with our daughter.  The stroll is almost as routine as our dinner.  We might have to put on a little warm sweater or jacket.

Last year this time, I would sweat a lot even before I was properly warm-up in Pearl Hill or Fort Canning Hill for running.  And if I started late, my run/jog will be greeted by the hot blazing sun.  Even in the evening, or night time in Siglap where I would run to East Coast beach or jog beside lines of Siglap Cafes, the humidity will sop up all my energy.  I always have to run into the shower and air-con after that.

Now, the temperature here is like air-conditioner in S’pore.  Even at hot afternoon sun, the air is so dry, it’s comparable to running in air-con gym of S’pore.  How can I let this weather go to waste?

Today, we’re going to have the hottest day ever and it’s only 82F (or 27C).  And the thunder storm that was promised by the meteorologist, is moving to Friday!  Yeah!  Maybe we should go to Cleveland after our exercise in the gym on Saturday!


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One Comment
  1. Vicky permalink

    This is so Romantic. Going for a stroll with your family afer dinner. Hope that continues even after Amanda leaves home.

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