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A Chick Fell in Our Yard

July 18, 2009

Last month a very small feathered bird, still unable to fly, fell in our backyard near the vegetable garden.


“Don’t touch it!  Once a human touch a chick, the mother will abandon it forever!”

So we left it alone to live or die.  “How cruel,” I thought to myself.  “Did the human touch make the chick unrecognizable?”

Yesterday, another chick fell on our front yard near the public sidewalk.  I found it in the morning.  I called my wife to look at it.  With two big (茂盛) and tall Maple trees, it’s unimaginable not to have any bird nest on it.  Again we looked at it, were afraid to touch it and didn’t know what to do but stared at it with sympathy.

That afternoon, when we came back from Barnes & Noble, we found it shifted but still in the front yard. 

“Maybe we should shift it to the other side of the shrub on our front yard lest some dog came by and kill it.”

There must have been more than twenty people who walked their dogs pass this sidewalk between this morning and afternoon.  And dogs (especially beagles) cannot resist the temptation of grabbing it and playing with it.  But anyway, we got our spade and hoe and found a bright orange Nike shoe box, to gingerly tried to transfer it to the other side of the shrub in the front yard.

“Get some food, get some food”

Trying to think like a bird, Amanda thought we should walk the sidewalk to look for earthworms.  I think some nuts or seeds crushed into small pieces will suffice.

We consulted our next door neighbour, Dave.  Dave consulted “Google”.  It turns out the “curse of the human touch” is just a housewife myth.  And since this chick is feathered, it was probably learning to fly and dropped from its nest.  Knowing all these, we breath a sigh of relief and left the learning chick in our found yard away from the public sidewalk.


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  1. Vicky permalink

    Hope all ends well. Mine was eaten by mynahs last week. 😦

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