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Dao Huai Chui–豆花水,豆浆

July 29, 2009

Six and a half weeks of summer classes is finally over.  The final exam was tough too.  It’s both tough for my studnets and tough for me to grade.

Now my daughter is fond of helping us out.  And she’s not even old enough to go to kindergarten.  But today, I woke up very, very early to make the following so when she wakes up, she’ll be really surprise:



If you can read the tiny words in the white machine in the sink, or if you can recognize the kind of beans soak in the big white bowl, you’ll know it’s Dao Huei Chui — 豆花水.

So when the sun was up before 5AM, I woke up to check the overnight soaked beans.  I was so full of enthusiasm, I made more than TWO Big pots of that soy bean milk.


I even had enough to make Dao Huei 豆水 (but I didn’t).  All these just so I can surprise my little four-year-old with a glass of milky white soy.  She likes it even without any sugar.


But then I thought that was too much for ourselves.  So I took one pot and started out the door thinking of giving it to a friend who has parents visiting from Indonesia.  When my car started and I drove out, my daughter woke up and was very sad I drove out and could not hear her crying.

I only found that out after I returned from the friend’s house.  Okay, maybe tomorrow, I’ll make (fry)  Cai Tao Kueh –菜头糕 or Orr Kueh — 芋头糕 !


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  1. Vicky permalink

    Wa, so clever. Hey like the new look on this page.

  2. Nabueh permalink

    显丑,显丑! These making/cooking skills helped me survived almost twenty years living overseas! So when you visit me, I promised you S\’porean food. And I don\’t mean just fried rice..Ha, ha!

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