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Could we go back to Dial-up Again?

August 1, 2009

We lived on dial-up internet access for a long time.  Starting in 1999, many friends and students could not live without a broad band.  “No internet, no life!” said a friend Andy Lie of Medan, Indonesia.  For the following 5 to 6 years after that, we still lived on dial-up internet.  We had DSL high-speed internet for maybe 3 months because some special trial offer was available and then we bit the bullet to go back to dial-up internet access.  Reason?  Dial-up provided by the school was FREE.

Now, we have a 768 KBps, the lowest of all broadband.  We have it for about 3 years now.  We’re so cheap, we don’t use a regular linksys modem to broadcast our signal, instead we used, LaFonera, a really, really cheap dunno-what gadget, so low, it’s not even called a wireless router/modem.  But with one computer running Wi-Fi and another school Apple laptop that constantly needs the AirPort signal, another iPod Touch that used the signal and a telephone that uses VOIP.  Everything slows to a halt when more than two of these electronic devices are sharing the Wi-Fi signal.  Even my daughter’s Nintendo DS machine has Wi-Fi capability, we just haven’t (and don’t know how to) used it yet.

Instead of upgrading to 2500 Kbps (or 2.5 MBps) for ten to fifteen dollars more from our phone company, we can engage the TV Cable company (Time Warner Cable) to give us Road Runner Cable Internet access at 5000 KBps (or 5 MBps)  for ten dollars more per month.  Next week, the cable guy will run the wire and do the installation and than we’ll have better (higher) WiFi signal (and then I’ll probably take a week’s off for vacationing up north).  And eventually, I will cut off my phone line too and completely rely on internet phone through VOIP!  And our low rate, pre-paid cell phones.

Can I live on just Dial-up now?  Maybe, if I’m single again.  Like my director, he’s an Astro Physicist, he’s just divorced and he’s still on free Penn State dial-up internet access.


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