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Running like Clark Kent

August 7, 2009

Dansville is a very small town in the state of New York.  But we’re not staying in Dansville.  We go several more miles uphill away from Dansville to arrive in an average American family farm house.  Facing the house is the following (Feng Shui A++ ) view:



And to the South, you can see their little broken shed which was used to farm chicken :


And to the North, if your eyes are sharp enough, maybe you can see their next-door neighbour:


My first thought is:  “I’ve got to go for a run around these fams!”  And I did, a few years ago.  The view was spectacular.  The air was always fresh.  And the feeling?  It felt just like superman in his foster parents’ home in Smallville.  It gives a whole new meaning to the words “fresh milk” and “fresh eggs” to a cityboy like me!

However, the decision was to go to Stony Brook Park in Livingston County and then cook late late dinner.  By the time we had dinner that night, it was closed to 11PM, so cancel my running for today.


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