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Stonybrook State Park

August 7, 2009

Nearby Dansville in Livingston County, there is a State Park called Stonybrook.  Normally it would cost a vehicle five dollars to get in but after 6PM, it’s free.

We got in there at 7PM, I think, but there’ were still more than an hour before the sun set.  The first thing that caught my eyes was how big the playground was. 


Then the warning sign on every piece of equipment:


That’s no surprise as companies are liable for injuries caused by these things (below is a closer picture of the green sign below “WARNING”:)


after all, America has the most lawyers per capital in the world.

But what really caught my attention was the green-coloured message on this equipment made specifically for smaller kids:


The warning differ slightly from that of the older kids and I’m not talking about just the age difference…


So, wait, it’s difference in CAN as it is in USA?  Ha, ha, ha!  Before I cleared my eyes, I thought I was reading one of those very familiar price-tags on books (back of book next to the UPC barcode) that is different for CAN as it is for USA.  This difference is also common at the (highway) toll booth near the Canadian/US border.

At the end of the visit, we decided to take a small walk in the trails.  And there I found Natural Swimming Pools:


Yes those pools (with no lane marks) complete with life-guard chairs are formed from natural stream water!  If you’re not careful, you could end up in the other end of the pool and got flushed out!


And the depth of the pool were different at different ends of the pool from 8-foot depth to 2-foot depth.  And they were clearly marked in yellow too!  Wow!


Just don’t bring your dogs too near to these things!



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