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8:22PM Singapore Time

August 10, 2009

Where was I at 2022hrs Singapore time?  If I start recalling, I was probably jogging somewhere in Southern Buffalo New York.  I learned of this common pledge saying after I watch RAZORTV and after reading a friend’s blog.  If I knew every Singapore was saying the pledge, I’ll probably say it while jogging near Cazenovia park at 8:22AM EST.  Or maybe I did.  Maybe some of my words in my thoughts while running was similar to the Pledge. 

I said that pledge everyday for 12 years.  Then in the Army, I said it another umpteen hundred times.  In primary 6 I lead the the school in saying the pledge in Chinese every Tuesday.  It was in Bahasa Melayu every Thursday.  I still remember the first sentence as

  “Kami, warga negara Singapura…

And the Chinese?  “ 我们是新加坡公民,…  “.  What’s really laughable, is I still remember the last four Chinese words “共同努力” is being re-said as “Gong Teng Gu Ni”。  Gong Teng (some kind of sweet in Hokkien) and Gu Ni (milk in hokkien).   LOL!

In Secondary 3 and 4, I alternate with another student to lead the pledge saying (and singing Majulah Singapura) every day.  But I always have to use my loud naked voice and bring them to attention first with:



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  1. Vicky permalink

    This overseas Singaporean not very patriotic leh.

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