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Old Running Route

August 13, 2009

I am back home from vacationing.  Now I run the usual (mundane) road.  But today, I dropped my wife and kid in the Pennbriar Gym and proceed to run from the Gym to the junction of Langdon Rd and Lake Pleasant Rd.  It’s just a very straightforward route 1.6 miles one-way (see map below), so 3.2 miles (5.15km) total:


The houses along Holly Park are all trailers but some trailers look like nice well-built houses.  Along Langdon Rd, houses are further apart, but they are average family houses and every one looks different.  Some are white and some are brown.  Some are wooden and some are brick. 

GreyHouse BrownHouse WhiteHouse

Some have garage for their cars and some (surprisingly) don’t.  Some garages are so messy, the car doesn’t fit in any more!  One of them (1170 Langdon Rd) have an L-shape driveway to its garage and the sides are lined with pots of cactus!  Most, if not all, have dogs.  All through that road, are lines of white sprinklers on green grass:



These are not welcomed in a decent person’s yard because they’re considered as weeds.  On closer look, they look like this:


I only know of the name recently.  They called “Queen Anne’s laces” or Daucus Carota (yes, it has something to do with carrots).  So named because Queen Anne pricked herself with a needle when making a lace!  So one can always spot a drop of red blood in the middle which apparently symbolizes her blood.


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