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Running and Flat Stomach

August 14, 2009

Those above two things are unrelated!

AndyLauKelly So Allison, someone we know in the Gym, complained of how she ran so often but still could not get rid of her flab  (spare tire).  I told her it depends on how fast she runs, how much and how often (intensity, duration and frequency).  Most of all, it depends on how/what you eat.  “Running should be preceded by 15-30 min circuit workout, and the speed should be at least 10 kmph, i.e. one should not exceed 30 mins for a 5 km run.”  I followed a Heller and Heller (and Vagnini – click here for their advice) diet and that should be good enough for anyone seriously wanting a body like the half-naked picture of Liu De Hua (刘德华see left) taken from the Music video ‘I Don’t Love You Enough” (我不够爱你 click this to see full video) with Kelly Chan.  Make your food high in fiber with lean protein.  Cut the carb unless you’re very sure every ounce of carb is matched by an ounce of vegetable and an ounce of protein. (Read what RealAge has to say about the different low-carb diets.)

I was a very serious runner myself but my BMI still hit a extremely-overweight level (~ 185 lbs).  It went to 175 lbs after this diet.  Now I am  165 lbs (74 kg) and to prove it (No,  I’m not going to show my half-naked picture here like Andy Lau), I’ll show my belt!



The first three holes (from the right) are the normal holes on a belt.  The third one is the most used before my Heller & Heller diet.  The other fours holes are done over a time-span of two years.  Now even the last hole is a little too loose!  It’s not just the weight-loss, but fat tissue has been converted to muscle tissue.

You may not be ribbed like that of the Ab Roller and Ab Circle ad, but a low-carb diet coupled with intensive 5 – 6 times a week of exercise will give you a body at least of Andy (华哥).  In fact, dieting is so important, Dr. Atkins, promised you a normal size body if you cut out all your carbohydrates.  But this, I do not recommend.  Why?  Dr. Atkins is dead (read why here)!  And I love Char Kway Teow too much to give it up!  Ha, ha, ha!


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