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Canadian Experience

September 13, 2009
During the one week trip to Toronto, apart from the Chinatown and KoreaTown and GreekTown and ItalianTown in Canada, there was something I’d rather have in Erie, Pennsylvania.  I’ve been taking it for granted but everytime I’m handed coins in America, I’ll put them in one place in the car, then transfer them to a big bag at home.  So I don’t really have coins in my pocket.  Or coins to deal with.  But this is different in Canada.  Canada has a lot of coins.  More so than Singapore.  They use one-dollar and two-dollar coins a lot because one doesn’t see one-dollar and two-dollar bill anymore in Canada.  Even though their coins denomination is the same as America (quarter, dime, nickel, penny), I had a hard time distinguishing one coin from another.  One time I handed a five-cent to the cashier mistaken for a quarter!  She cursed at me in Cantonese.  I smiled apologetically.

One of my  Chinese-educated aunts who is now in NZ for good, she would always remember her trip to the US as "wah, very good one you-know, you keep all the coins in one place, and then when collect enough already, just go to the machine, pour it in and exchange the coins for cash coupons."  She always remembers that because the everyday coins in S’pore disgust her.  With GST and PST, it’s hard not to get any coin unless one sticks exclusively with NETS or credit card.  Yes, I exchange my "jar" of coins with a cash coupon but they’re not really for free.  There is a commission but it’s all well worth it.  Thank you COINSTAR!


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  1. Vicky permalink

    China is different now. They have eliminated almost all their coins. Now I can\’t even use the 1 Yuan coins that I have at home.

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