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Why Spend time in your Yard?

September 13, 2009
Before I had a house, I frequently visited my brother who had a house d in NY Long Island.  If I was there for a week in the Fall or Spring or Summer, he would always be in the yard having his hands dirtied.  Why do people like to do that?  Can’t he just hire someone to do all the yard work?
horrible yard

It turns out that gardening and even pulling weeds is very good for the heart.  My pediatrician has a heart problem and he now invests all his free time gardening.  I used to hate mowing the lawn (and I think I still do).  But going to the yard to kill the weed with my daughter is (surprisingly) very satisfying.  It beats doing Mathematical research.  The result in weeding is almost immediate, unlike research.  In the winter, I’ll be shoveling the snow.  Alone. ( And the Chinese proverb that clouds my head is always 《自扫门前雪,莫管他人瓦上霜》),With killing the weed, I always have a company (her hidden pict below:). 
Mand hidden in veggy garden

She usually doesn’t know what she’s doing and she ended up taking hay from one place to another or just toying around with the hoe or shovel or scissors. Here is one of her creations with apples and cut hay:
man with beard

She thinks it looks like a man with mustaches and beard. (During weeding, the Chinese Proverb in my head is 《斩草不除根,春风吹又生》.) and she learn a lot just monkeying around in the yard or the vegetable garden.
green Tomatoes

You don’t have to tell them where tomatoes come from or where grapes/berries come from. And you don’t need to go to a pet store to see rabbits or zoo to see deers.  And beetles and bees comes in all shapes and sizes.  And insects are not restricted to just mosquitoes, ants and cockroaches.  The backyard is like an excellent teacher by itself.  And it’s as close to free as I know. 

Many friends in S’pore asked "Why haven’t you send her to any nursery or pre-school yet?"  I think she’s till to young for those, never mind what the rest of our relatives in S’pore and Indonesia think.  Besides, she already picked up reading like a second grader (She’s reading what the kids here called "chapter books" w/o picture on some page) and she’ll be bored in school.  And she made her first "inspiring" poem this afternoon.  Open-mouthed

So? Did I hear someone asked what we should do with the pile of dead weed? I said do anything you want. Anything you do is good for your heart! 🙂


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  1. Vicky permalink

    Can you plant chilis there too? I weed often too and findss it almost therapuetic. I used to do two gardens, mine and mom\’s, but now only mine. I agree, the garden is a wonderful place to learn.

  2. Nabueh permalink

    Link to "first poem" was borken. Now it\’s fixed. Click it! See it!

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