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Winter in Early October

October 15, 2009

Folks in Denver, Colorado got dumped with a lot of snow causing car pile-up accidents and numerous dangerous skids.  And today on the “Isle of October”, Erie is threatened with two to four inches of that white disgusting stuff.  IT must be another of those lake dumping effect.  It’s just that the temperature has fallen so fast, the usual water is now snow.

I’ve just discovered by careful measurement that my usual 2-mile route for running around the neighbourhood is not quite 2 miles.  It’s only 1.85 miles.  But the 3-mile route is about 3.1 miles.  But for the whole of October, I’m finding it a challenge to run in temperature hardly 5 degree Centigrade (or Kelvin) above the freezing point.  Erieans die-hards have no problems doing it, but I set 5 degree Celsius (40 F) as my limit.  After all, I can always use my indoor gym.

Already the boots and winter jackets are out and worn a few times.  My daughter especially likes the idea that snow will be here in our backyard again.  We had a very cool summer.  So cool, we did not turn on the air-conditioning for the whoel entire summer. 

 Here are some pictures to prove it:

Our friends who had their parents from Indonesia still with them are already burning their wood-burning stove in September!  And they canceled a trip to Port Farm because it was less than 50 F (10 C) and it was wet. 

I wonder if this Halloween will be white.  I remember Halloween 1994 in Rochester when I dress as a Dracula in my advisor’s party and it was all white when I went home.  But I guess my little girl would not care.  Now she is happy just reding the words and lyrics from the complete play of “Barbie:  Princess and the Pauper”.  She can do that all day long……


  Or play word games.

While we sit in the kitchen thinking “COLD!”, I wonder what folks in Singapore worry about.  So I consulted Yahoo Singapore and there parents were complaining that SEAB was a little unfair in setting this year’s PSLE Chinese exams.  I’ll be happy if my daughter has a Chinese exam.  In fact I probably won’t even bother if some other kids have a slight edge over her!


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