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Health Care Reform — Sick Care Meal

October 25, 2009
The Sunday after we got back from Cleveland, sickness befall on two of our family members.  One member of the family is still fighting her cough seven days later, today.  It was a case of a very, very bad cold even though the doctor we called on the phone was so sure it is swine flu.  I’m sure if my granny is not in dementia and was told of the situation, she would definitely blame it on moving of our beds without consulting Feng Shui which we did.

The other member must have had it for three or four days and the first and second nights, I woke up umpteen times to take her temperature and administered over-the-counter pain killer and fever reducer.

Ironically, the President declared H1N1 National Emergency during the week our house is filled with coughs and viruses.

Numerous trips to the pharmacy and over hundreds of dollars ordering Chinese take-outs, I almost have to hoist my white flag to surender.  To what?  I do not know.  Maybe I was afraid there won’t be enough money to buy take-out food if it were to continue for the next 30 days.  It really is more expensive than eating out on holidays in Toronto.  And the food is terrible and  low on nutritional value.

Finally on the seventh day (which is today) my wife ask if I would 亲自下厨, and show my culinary skills.  It’s almost like having to pick up the kungfu sabre after hanging it up for seven long years.

This would be considered the simplest of all task many years ago before marriage for I was considered one of the best cook in the dorm.  But today, even preparing veggie to stir fry or putting chicken in water to boil is a feat.  But first, my veggie and garlic for stir frying

As I said, I used to be able to chop garlic blindfolded, should I say 轻而一举?But now I have two lefthands.

Since the other member in the family has sort-of recovered, she quickly came to my help in the sautéing

Then it’s preparing the ingredients for Tom Yum Soup:  Is it Lemon grass or galanga?  Should I use lime leaf or just Lime juice?  Or just Vinegar?

Wait!  The colour doesn’t look right!  Maybe I forgot something else…

Temperature wrong?  Too much water?  Too long?  Where’s my instinct in cooking?  I used to be able to repair somebody’s cooking like a Cooking 911.  Sigh!  But now it comes out like this:

Unfortunately, you the reader cannot taste this.  But it tasted …okay.  马马虎虎 (horse, horse, tiger, tiger, in Japanese, it’s just "ma, ma ne")。

And the stir fry veggie?  Well, you be the judge…

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  1. Nabueh permalink

    If I could wishfor just one dishmy greatest wishwould be more FISH!

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