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Lowering with Ab Roller

November 7, 2009

This month everything seems to go back into places.  From news on world economy to reports on personal health.

The recession has finally reached an end according to all third quarter reports by all the economy experts.  Signs that the 787 billion dollars is working and prevented more people from suffering.

My Gastroenterologist (Stomach doctor) has declared me free of any helicobacter pylori, the bacteria responsible for causing my onset of stomach ulcer.  He said I will never have stomach ulcer again.  Ever.  I find that hard to believe, not too long ago, this was a problem no doctors know how to treat.  Patients were often told to be careful with what they eat, reduce all their stress in their lives and told to go back and "tolerate" and "endure" the pain.

My total cholesterol level also dropped by 31 points.  Although my doctor was very happy to see that I was one of the few who could control it through diet and exercise, I was not too happy that my LDL level was still at 112.6.  I would love it to go way below one hundred.  But I like to thank my success to Ab Roller.  This thing works!  I could easily do one hundred crunches without hurting my neck.  And every time I get a chance to visit my Gym, I will do a hundred crunches with this simple yet amazing AbRoller.  On days that I don’t go to the Gym (maybe once or twice a week), I will definitely do crunches (sit ups) at home.  But usually I could only do fifty or so sit-ups, because without the AbRoller, sit-ups hurt my neck and back.

Oh yes, and I should also mention, my weight also dropped by 2.26796 kilograms!  Terima kasih Ab Roller!

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