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What’s my Pie for Thanksgiving?

November 28, 2009
Thanksgiving is approaching and there’s nothing more American than Thanksgiving.  Err, no, I take it back, the Canadians have their Thanksgiving too but they have it in October (near one of the Children’s Days) and Canadians are more crazy about ice hockey and Maple syrups (or maybe doughnuts) than their Thanksgiving.
So this seemingly strange day to a FOB foreigner like me was mistaken for a religious holiday.  But no, everyone, regardless of race, language or religion in the country celebrate and luvs Thanksgiving Day.  It’s not on a certain day on a certain month like Christmas or New Year nor is it following the lunar calendar like Ramadan (Hari Raya Puasa) or Chinese New Year.  It’s always on the last Thursday of (the crazily cold month of) November.
If you have watched "The American Pie" series, you’ll probably think people like apple pie the most.  But ironically, the most famous pie here is the Pumpkin Pie!  And Thanksgiving is the month where the most pumpkin pie is baked/sold/bought and eaten here!  My wife always come up with this silly hypothetical question on how Indonesians would react if the country has no chicken or has serious shortage of chicken.  So "What happens to America if there is a dire shortage of pumpkin around Thanksgiving Day?"  Would there be a riot?  Would another country like good ol’ Great Britian or China could help them fill the shortages?  This is not a small country like Singapore where shortages can easily be filled.  This country bake enough Pumpkin pies in November and December to fill the water between S’pore and Batam.
Nestle, the company responsible for providing 90% of American Libby’s can pumpkin blamed it on the weather in Corvalis, Oregon.  And it seems like nowhere else in the world (not even China) can filled in the shortage.

In my 2 cents, if American housewives add in buttercup or butternut squash in their pumpkin mix, nobody (except Ming Tsai) on the table will know the difference!


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  1. Vicky permalink

    You\’re making me hungry. I\’ve never tasted pumpkin pie, but I\’m sure I\’ll love it, even though your picture does not do it justice.

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