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The Blizzard is coming! Let’s be Kiasu a bit.

December 10, 2009
The prediction is there will be at least two feet of snow with strong wind blowing at about 35mph on Thursday and Friday.  It already pounded on the midwest and many cities come to a halt claiming almost 17 lives.  This morning, the news channel had someone reporting from Hamburg, NY pointing to an unusual divided sky– one dark with snow pouring down and one clear.  They had their 17 inches and was glad the storm is moving south to Dunkirk and Fredonia.

And there was a threst of a tornado in Venago County only 30 miles from here!

We wife was terribly worried.  She asked me to prepare for staying overnight in my office in case it become dangerous and really bad.  So I packed colourful floor mats, blanket, clothes for sleeping and pillow. 

Then Mama will also prepare food so I may survive in my office for 24 hours.  We just had kampong fried chicken and Tom Yum soup yesterday for dinner,  I wonder what she will pack for my "winter snowstorm"?

Meanwhile, our friends husbands just went to work in the morning like any ordinary work day.  Some were fifteen miles away.  Some have to drive 45 minutes to Ohio!  If they know what we’ve prepared, they will definitely flip!  I remember the very first time we wanted to explore all the chinese groceries in Cleveland, we booked a hotel for a night there.  And Cleveland is only slightly over a hundred miles from here!

Meanwhile, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  I really pity the people in Hamburg now.  Or should I say the Hamburgers are now FROZEN? Open-mouthed


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