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What shall we do today

January 26, 2010

What shall we do to chase away the winter blues?

It’s tiring to face the snow.  And I’m not talking about shovelling.  It’s true I should be looking/shopping for a snow-blower and de-clutter my basement and garage, but sometimes, one needs to do non-urgent things to get away from the blues.

For my Indonesian friends, they like to cook.  And gather together to drink hot soup.  That is certainly soothing in the bitter cold.  And maybe good for those backaches from hours of shoveling.  But I’m thinking more like building my own high definition TV antenna.  Or look at high school Math and see different ways of solving the same typical problems.  Or even build a catapult and have lots of fun with it in the summer.

There are lots of things one can do to procrastinate and squander away the hours.  And have fun.  But the last thing I want, is to throw those hours away in front of the computer (like what I’m doing now), or worse, in front of the TV.  My students have too much of those.  And they usually have a hard time waning from those addictive electronics and games.  I won’t even want to go into what the new gadgets are or what they do to waste hours of their time when they shuld be doing HOMEWORK!  Not here.

In fact, I’m so proud I don’t know what’s good on TV.  Or who has the largest FB restaurant/farm/aquarium.

Right after the trip in Dec/Jan.  I was sick for quite a while.  It must be that which causes me to whine and yearn to do something to get out of the BLUES.


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