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Those whites that we can do without

February 24, 2010
Tomorrow there’s another snow storm watch that will expire on Friday morning but snow is not the kind of whites I am talking about that we don’t need.  I am talking about food that contain whites (for discussion on the benefit of whole grain over whites, please click on the link):

  • white bread — we have gone without that for a very long time and we don’t even miss it.  I often think I could never part with those soft white bread that I bought from those Indian (mama) store but we’re now eating only whole grain.  We don’t even eat wheat bread.  Or white that are whole grain in disguise.
  • white rice —  growing up with white rice as our staple food, I always thought white rice will be a necessity.  But surprisingly, when I cam eot US, for a while, I actually acted just like a "jia kantang" person.  No rice.  Now we only stock (and cook, and eat) brown rice.  White rice is there only when there is no other option, like in somebody’s house or in a restaurant.  I like it that in New Jersey and New York, there is always the option of steam brown rice.  Unfortunately, it’s going to take Erie a long while to learn that.  But at least we found brown-rice sushi in Wegmans.
  • potatoes —  yeah, that’s considered white too.  we tried to limit on that.   For a start, we do not have potato chips at home.  But last week, we bought some Pringles Whole-grain chips.  Dunno whether there’s white in there or not leh.
  • spaghetti — Huh?  What?  Oh yes, there are pasta made from spinach and those whole grains ones too.  But pasta is not in our diet.  Maybe noodles.
  • donuts — yeah, I can have a doughnut every day.  Even twice a day.  But I’ve gone from that to zero a month.  Okay maybe that was exaggerating.  But I’ll say I have less that a dozen of donuts a year.  My favourite item in Tim Houghton is Whole Grain Muffin.  And of course Coffee.
  • White Days (ホワイトデ)– that’s a commercially invented day celebrated by most Japanese (click on links to see definition).  In here, we call it Pi Day( because π is about 3.14).  We can all pretty much live without this White Day.  And Valentine’s Day or what I’ll call Pi-minus-one Day.

Now my next trip home to Singapore, I am going to have to hunt for our usual food.  Or maybe it’s not that difficult anyway.  I heard my (Chinese helicopter) aunt always says "Singaporean are very health concern now you-know…"
I know, the last time so many organic food stores popped up, I thought half the population is going organic/vegan.


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  1. Vicky permalink

    I can suggest some non-white food for you when you\’re down in Singapore – Cha kuay teow, fried carrot cake (black version), Orr jian, etc. 🙂

  2. Nabueh permalink

    Aiyeeer! Vic, you so Or Sim (hokkien 黑心) one. People try to 改"邪"归"正" instead you 误入企途.

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