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My favorite joke to tell to a class

July 2, 2010
Jim doesn’t like to say "Yes" and has his ways to replace that word:

"Hey Jimbo, would you like to play pool after class?"


"Hey Jim, weather is nice today, would you like to join us for BBQ this evening?"

"Yeah, absolutely!  Absolutely!"

So one day Jim was in my class and I asked him, "Jim do you know if the following series is convergent?"


Jim looked at the series and recognise that as an alternating series (a sum that alternate in plus and minus signs), he checked that ignoring the sign, each term is decreasing.  And he checked that the term approaches zero (as n approaches infinity).  So, he gave me a confident look, grinned from ear to ear and answered:


And I smiled back at him and answered, "No Jim, that’s only conditionally convergent."


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  1. Vicky permalink

    Catch no ball!

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