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Time to update

August 31, 2010
It’s always time for updating ourselves.  I felt like my own TOSHIBA laptop at home which rejects all auto-update.  So, whenever I manually do updates, there are tonnes of things to update.  If I don’t update, I risk getting viruses or adware or surf the net in a browser so old it does not "see" the new flash animations.

So going over to Asia for a few weeks would be considered as an update to my small brain (as far as I’m concerned).  Especially Singapore, every year, new things will be there and two years seemed like a lot of changes in a place like Singapore.  And I was fortunate to see

  • The Singapore Flyer
  • The Night Safari again (with the Fire Dance)
  • The Jurong Bird Park (with their shows)
  • The Resort World Sentosa
  • The Sands
  • The Marina Barrage
  • The Esplanade (this update was way overdue)
  • The Universal Studio
  • The renovated Changi Terminal 1
  • the new Changi Terminal 3
  • the new hawker centers with mediocre to bad food

In Bandung, changes were there but in terms of new building/structures it was not as prolific as that of Singapore.  But I relearn the hard way that my stomach is still not strong enough for the food of Indonesia.  And the constant second hand smoke (despite No Smoking signs).  And the traffic noise.  And the sub-standard 3-star Grand Pasific Hotel.  (And I just learnt moments ago that Bandung just made it to the top 9 most polluted cities in the world!)

While learning all about what’s happening in Singapore/Bandung, I came back and started work with my jet-lag.  Day-in and day-out, I go to my office, go straight to my classsroom, passed horrible constructions and go home after each class.  Once, I took some time to visit Reed Union Building and part of the new building near Kolchel.  I discovered the landscape has been changed.  All these changes happened even before I left for Singapore in the summer.  While my heart was in Asia, I never realized the beautiful changes that has made the students’ and my lives better right here.

Sometimes, we looked so far ahead, without realizing that the very same thing we want is right here beside us.

So look no further.  Just follow the (right foot only) foot steps nearby…


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