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亲自下厨 — Wife and child has playdate

September 16, 2010

It’s a rare occasion when I go home for lunch and my wife and daughter are not at home.  Today she is with a friend because they set up a play date for my daughter with the friend’s daughter.  I am supposed to settle lunch myself.  I could’ve bought something from the Fast Food, or eat in Panera Bread or eat alone in a restaurant.  But instead, I’ve decided to cook.  So informing my wife that I’ll be going to Erie County Farm, I completed her grocery list and bought some chicken thigh meat and Green Mustard.  I seasoned the thigh meat, julienne them into slices and stir fry them with Green Mustard.  I finished half of that with brown rice and have myself some salad mix which I bought from Erie County Farm.  There were some left-over stir fry.  I hope wifey likes it when she try it for dinner.

Fried Green Collard


哈,等了好久,终于又给我有亲自下厨 的机会!


回去赶紧把鸡肉切成丝.  用盐,老抽,胡椒把鸡肉给腌了,  把菜,切了再洗干劲,然后用中火,先把肉煮熟,再把菜加下去,盖一盖,就陪饭吃.

啊,好一顿亲自下厨 的午餐呀.  还有所剩,希望老婆大人会喜欢!

Salad Spinner

Salad Mix on a spinner


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