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Count on me …

November 26, 2010

I finally got my Fall break after 13 weeks of gruesome semester.  I would really say it’s more gruesome for my students than for me.  Anyway, it’s nice to have a break.  Normally it’s half way through the semester right after the 8th week, but since two years ago, the Penn State school system has decided to have it together with the Thanksgiving week during the Falls semester.

So we traveled.  But because my daughter has two different tumbling classes, ballet classes and other activities, it was delayed by a day.  We started out on a Saturday after her tumbling class.  Good thing we home school her, otherwise we might have to wait another five days before we can go off for Thanksgiving vacation.  What we do is:  we bring all her homeschooling curriculum books and activity books with us and continue in the hotel.

What we like to do is :  get out of this Thanksgiving craziness. It’s ironical, many Indonesian friends would give up their first born (or 10 years of their life if they’re childless) in exchange of an experience of a white Christmas or a Thanksgiving experience.  But we’re here and we want OUT!

But going to Canada isn’t really completely out of the American Thanksgiving experience (almost 80 to 90 percent of the TV programs are from the US).  So even if we tried, there’s still Black Friday sales that we can’t avoid on TV.  Plus the US is attracting the Canadians to go over to buy things.

And so we frequented the Indian Bazaar on Thanksgiving day.  In exchange for Thanksgiving turkey, we had Indian buffet at Siddhartha restaurant.  It has a Buddha statue near the cashier and I bet Siddhartha himself will not approve of an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Anyhow, it cost us about fifty dollars.  At today’s currency, the US dollar wasn’t very much higher than the Canadian dollars.  In fact if one uses US dollars, a dollar will be worth only ninety cents.  After that we headed to the Royal Ontario Museum and that cost us sixty dollars.  We took too long (30 to 45 mins)  to find a parking space and because of that, we only have about 2 hours for the museum before it closed.

All the bad things about crowded big city came back to us.

That evening, I bought dinner for only ten dollars.  And we were so happy with it, we slept soundly.  That’s our very happy thanksgiving.

The morning after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday.  Many Americans would wake up 2 AM to queue up for very special sales.  So cheap one could save a few hundred dollars!  I watched “Red Cliff” Part I and II (赤壁 I & II).  Then drifted over to Confession of Pain(傷場 ) by the same two handsome guys (Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tony Leung).

Then my daughter woke up.  I brought her along to the First Markham Place food court for breakfast (the same place I bought dinner last night). When I arrived, only one store was opened.  I bought a breakfast for only $4.50 and the cashier charge me only $2.79 after tax.  She said everything is 50% off.  Many senior Chinese were already there getting ready for a morning exercise.  There were so many of them, they not only use the middle empty space in the food court, they actually spread over the entire food court.  And we I started sipping on the Hong Kong tea, music started and these senior citizens in purple T-shirt dance in unison.  The first music was English.  It stopped and to my surprise, The second music was not only familiar, I was properly the only person who knows how to sing to it.  It was a medley from NDP.  It started with “count on me Singapore”, then “We are Singapore, Singaporean”, and others.  I sang them out loud while having breakfast.  My daughter preferred to read “Little Women”.  It was quite an experience, we were the only people eating and everyone else (quite a crowded almost few feet from us) were “dancing”.  And in the midst of that, the microphone has counting of

一 二 三 四 yi er san shi…..五 六 七 八 wu liu qi ba …

二 二 三 四 er er san shi…. 五 六 七 八 wu liu qi ba …

When this music finally finished.  The next one was “Green island small night song” 绿岛小夜曲.  I sang to that too.  Half way through, my daughter felt it was time to go.  I left singing….

“… 更照亮了我的心…..這綠島的夜已經這樣沉靜……姑娘喲 你為什麽還….”


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  1. Really funny. Imagine, some people are doing their exercises halfway around the globe to ‘Count on me Singapore’.

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