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When your children outstrip you 望子成龙

December 14, 2010

At what age did you son/daughter outperform you?  No, I don’t mean when they started to walk at 11 months old but you actually learnt to walk only at 15 months.  But I literally mean “outwalk” or “outrun” or outperform you (while he/she is a kid and you an adult).

My daughter can do the split, something I could never do.  But that doesn’t really count, does it?  After all, I’ve never been to any acrobatic class or Tae Kwan Do class and I spent money for her to follow a tumbling class specifically to learn those things.  So if you have never learn the piano and your kids have your money and the benefit of learning from a good teacher, then that DOESN’T count!

Yes, I know, she is correcting my grammar, even before I “officially” started her kindergarten in August of this year.  But that shouldn’t count either.  After all, she grew up with American English and with her gift in reading early, naturally, she doesn’t have to sweat speaking with the correct tenses and form of verb/adjective/nouns all the time.  I officially knew there was a right and wrong way of using English only when I was in Primary One.  Plus my environment is not condusive for speaking the correct English.

Most of us would probably need to wait till our kids are 16 or even older to expect them to swim faster than us, or run faster than us, or know more Science or Mathematics than us.  Or maybe beat us in a game of Basketball or ping pong.

But for my case, I’ve already seen it.  My daughter can actually read faster than me.  And she has also exceeded me on the number of books read.  Yes, it’s true.  Even though I love reading, I diverse myself with both the English and the Chinese.  Plus, even as a kid, I constantly picked up Science and Mathematics books and those books (especially Math) take forever even to read a page.  One doesn’t just read, but ponder over many possibilities and work out (and redo) some of the sums and calculations individually again so as to have an insight into what the author has to say.  So I declare her a winner in these two “races”.

But as to other aspects of “skills”, I will have to wait a much longer like most other parents, especially Math, or Science, or even running or swimming.  But these are things where we’ll be happy to see ourselves beaten.


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