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Bring in the New Year and Throw Out the Old

January 2, 2011

We started having the guilt of cluttering when the New Year approaches.  In fact, even before the Big Apple dropped in New York City, bags of old dishes and kitchenware awaited their eventual fate to either the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Speaking of the Big Apple drop.  In America, many other similar things happened when the clock struck twelve on that auspicious midnight.  In Atlanta, it’s dropping of the gigantic peach.   In my very own state of Pennsylvania, our biggest city prefer to drop a huge pickle together with dropping a crayon thanks to big company Crayola.  You are not supposed to drop a beer bottle, so instead Yeungling (this is not a Chinese beer) raise a beer bottle.  But in Brasstown, North Carolina, they have a very “meaningful” event of dropping a POSSUM, complete with choir singing, gun explosion, drag queen contest.  And somewhere in Ohio, the town rang in the New Year with the drop of a WURST (big sausage)?

Although my love and fancy for the smartphone has died almost completely — in fact to a point where I found even the computer completely unnecessary.  (When I said that, people thought I must be illiterate or doesn’t know how to use the computer.)  For a short while, I got attracted to ebooks.  There is the kindle (Amazon) and there is the nook-color (B & Noble).  I googled the internet and found a couple more including the China made dontknowwhat.  After all both my daughter and wife read so much and so often, it’s high time I invest on an e-reader.  Unfortunately, there are tons of reports saying how the google and iPhone/ iPad reader will introduce books free and so cheap on the internet, these things might become the VCR recorder of today.  Where does that leave me?  I’m still waiting for ChromeOS to knock Microsoft off in mid 2011 and then wait another few months to see how the digitally-inclined part of the human race reacted to them before I decide on my next purchase of my electronic reader.

In the meantime, I’m happier buying another steam mop, or vaccum cleaner (I had bought more than 4 so far but I bought one more last week) and maybe the iRobot (thank you Singaporean folks in Toronto).

vacuum and Brooms

Some of the vaccums and Broom I possess.


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One Comment
  1. Your house must be very clean. So many gadgets.
    Aaron used the Kindle in Japan and found it taxing for the eye. So you may want to consider that when buying for Amanda. ebooks can be bad for kids.

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