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Chatham Girls College

May 25, 2011

I did not get a real job until the late 90s in this college in Pittsburgh.  It was a women college and has a population of less than a thousand students.

The police car of Chatham College

Now it's called the Chatham University

That day, my wife decided to go walk around the campus but was discouraged when she saw the big sign that said, “Private Property: Trespassers will …”  I did drive into it a day before but everywhere was Permit Parking ONLY.  Fearing my car will be towed, I did not dare take a risk to park inside the campus (which was behind my former office).

So we continued our visits to the various familiar places in Pittsburgh we used to walk.  Even my daughter was armed with a camera but all she took were the colourful flowers on the sidewalks.

We walked Frobes Avenue many times over.  We visited this non-profit shop:

Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages

My daughter had so much fun inside this place, she called this her paradise.  This shop is also right across from:


Sun Penang

This restaurant used to serve good Malaysian/Singapore food but is reduced to yet another Chinese restaurant with a third of its menu being Malaysian food.  My wife was looking forward to the Nasi Lemak in this restaurant but the waiter said “Kasi Loma” is not on the menu, but we can give you Kasi Loma Lice for your rendang.  She ordered chicken rendang which she claimed was worse than the rendang she cook.  But I must say my order of ‘fried mouse poop’ (老鼠 粪) was pretty good.

Next time around we’ll rather spend our money in: ROSE TEA CAFE.

Rose CAfe

Rose Cafe & Tutti Frutti

At least they serve genuine Taiwanese food.  I ordered a fried Hor Fun and the noodles that we ordered turned out to be Lor Mee (卤面) and my daughter absolutely loved it!

Things have changed a lot here.  One of our favourite Chinese take-outs:

How Lee

How Lee

has turned into a full pledge high class restaurant.  STARBUCK wasn’t there yet and in place of that nice Panda sign with 川霸王used to be a faded ugly hanging words “How Lee”.  I remember the summer of 1999, it was so hot and we stayed in my office and ordered from How Lee for almost every meal (we did not have air conditioner in our apartment).  I would walked to How Lee to pick up my food (to eat in my tiny office), and I remember it was only a small corner place with barely enough place for two small tables.

Pittsburghers are so health-conscious:  almost every Chinese place has brown rice in their menus; almost everywhere you see runners despite the above 80 F weather.  And this new bike shop was doing extremely well.  It wasn’t even there a dozen years ago:


A cool Bike shop that does extremely well

I saw a policeman in shorts riding a bike (dare I say mata cheng teh kor: 警察穿短裤), but by the time I took out my digital camera from my backpack, he was nowhere to be seen.  Lots of parking meters were used for chaining the bikes on.

Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill Flag

I only took pictures of stores on Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill.  It has the French Idunnowat, a PNC bank…

And yes, some middle age gypsy-looking woman asked me,

“Are you Chinese?”

“Can you give me a dollar or two for food?”


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