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Pay Day vs NDP Rehearsal

May 28, 2011

Ways of counting varies from culture to culture, country to country.  I’ve met several really stupid encounters that makes counting completely senseless.  It’s a mockery to Mathematics to say the least.

Stamp Your Passport Please

The first time I ever got out of Indonesia, I was a little shock at how they count the number of days.  Depending on what kind of visa one has, one is either allowed 30 days, or 90 days to visit the country.  On an approximation, saying it’s 1 month or 3 months entry visa is alright, but what really annoys me, is that, if you go today and leave tomorrow, you are considered to have spent two days in Indonesia, even if hour-wise, you did not exceed 24 hours!  (This reminded me of my grandmother who always says “The day you’re born you’re one-year-old liao!”)  So my friend had  a shock when they entered on 14th July and left on 13th August (I forgot the year) was pulled to the side and charged for overstaying on a 1 month visa.  Okay, maybe it’s the corruption at work and underpaid immigration officers needed more money at that time.

Pay Day

No long ago, it was said that Pay Day has to be on the last day of the month and not on the first day of the next month (if one is paid monthly).  Alright, I do not understand how it worked in the past in America when Paymaster come in and issued checks or cash to employee and everyone who stood in line to get their pay (despite how long the lines were) left with a smile on their face.

Now everyone has it electronic.  Granted, even with technology so advance, many Americans still opt for paychecks instead of direct deposit into their bank accounts.  With Direct Deposits, one would expect bank to deposit your money on May 31st by 2359 hours (11:59PM).  But no, instead it was expected on 0001 hours on May 31st!  Both guesses were wrong.  How about May 30th?  Yes, because of lawsuit fear, employer will have the money in your bank before May 31st.  That will mean money will be in your account by May 30th.

Guess what?  May 30th is a Memorial Day.

“So what? ,It’s the electronic transfer, and these machines do not take days off or distinguish Memorial Day from Veteran’s Day!”

Wrong!  Banks are closed and people cannot go to the bank and get their money!

“But the day before Memorial Day would be a Sunday and so Pay Day is really May 28th? “

Good guess but wrong again.  May 27th is the more likely date!  I don’t know but this really reminded me of the time when we have to come for rehearsal for NDP Parade in the army.  Parade commander wanted everyone to be ready by 6PM, each continent will bring forward by an hour and be there by 5PM.  But continents are made up of a battalion of different companies and difference platoons.  So Encik, say 3PM because he needs to check on everyone and make sure everyone’s uniform is straight, polished and we’re all well-shaven.  And then in the end, we’re forced to gather by 1PM .  So from 1PM to 5PM, isn’t that longer than the actual parade itself?  Wah lao-eh!

GPS machine and stupid salesman

There was once a salesman for a phone company that promised 0.01% when he really means 1 percent.  So the caller recorded the whole entire conversation and despite how many times the caller explain that 0.01% of a dollar is not one penny, the salesperson on the other end still insist he’s correct.  This went on for more than 10 minutes and I really don’t know the outcome of this complaint.  It’s bad enough people do not learn what they should learn in school, it’s even worse programmers work in miles and feet got their wrong mathematics in the GPS machine.  On my GPS machine, it is very “fashionable” to say “turn right after a quarter miles” when I have only 0.25 miles to go.  But on my friends TOM TOM, it says the same “turn right after a quarter miles” when he has 250 feet more to go!  (A quarter mile is really thousand over feet.)  The programmer must have thought feet and mile is almost like metre and kilometre?  It’s one thing to hear someone made a mistake but it’s another when the mistake was built into millions of these GPS navigators!


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