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National Day — My Singapore

August 12, 2011

I got inspired to learn and teach my daughter some of the NDP songs after listening to the NDP songs in a CD given in 2010.  Not all the songs were good.  小人物的心声(Xiao Ren Wu De Xin Sheng) was easy to pick up.  If I’m not wrong, there was probably a TV series taking this as their theme song.  But the English version, Voices From The Heart, was so terrible it almost killed my mood to sing.  “Home” written by Dick Lee and sung by Kit Chan was also another charmer, especially in Shanghai when even Letitia (Michelle Chong) of Noose cried during the song.  The words could easily move an oversea Singaporean to tears.  I don’t recall Dick Lee as very patroitic type (he once had a concert, full of vulgarities, that poked fun of everyone from LKY to typical Singaporeans).

But National Day came and went and we barely listened to “Di Tanjong Katong” 20 times and barely could learned the chorus of “Home”.  I sang Xiao Ren Wu a few dozen times in the car while driving but that did not sink in.

But I browsed YouTube for more NDP songs and came upon “NDP 2011, My Singapore”.  I don’t remember this song being in the CD that was cut for me.  I don’t even remember there was something like that on any National Day Parade videos.  More research later, I found that it was simply a song by Lorraine Tan.  This must be one of those JJ Lin or Stephanie Sun to-be, I thought.  Later I discovered she started her first album in her 30s.

I have to admit “My Singapore” was as charming as “Home” by Kit Chan.

This Lorraine Tan, a former HJC student, was a music teacher.  After marrying a rich Dr. Yuen, she quit teaching and went into wedding singing for many years.  With the husband’s money and after about 500 weddings later,  she invested in writing/composing songs to cut an Album called [愛永遠不會少]As a wedding singer, every song she composed is romantic.  She even remix (very tastefully) my favourite,恰似你的温柔 (Qia Shi Ni De Wen Rou).  She market that as a Teresa Teng song in an interview with a Malaysian radio station but personally  I think  刘文正 Liu WEn Zheng’s  sang it better.  Whether she succeed or fail with her new “Barbie Doll” image, she certainly brought many memories and happiness to romantic couples.  It’s certainly a very dear way of basking in the limelight.  Even if she would not become a real success in the pop music world,  her pure intention to bring songs and good memories of couple’s romance is a bliss by itself —  给爱听文艺歌曲的人,带来浪漫,跟无限的回忆.

lorraine Barbie


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  1. Amanda, you sing so well! I am glad you are listening to the CD I gave you!

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