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My trip to Washington DC: Dec 19 – Dec 25

January 1, 2012

My first trip to Washington DC was in 1990 (boy, it’s been so looooooooong ago). I romanticize about what the subway looked like and how big everything was and how neat everyone on the street was.

Then between 1992 and 1999, I came here several more times and I completely forgot what it looked like . I could tell you which Museum is newer and which were as old as (or older than) I, but I could not tell you by name, the location of every museum in the Smithsonian Mall. I could probably walk around without a map, but I’ll rather pick one up that’s available almost everywhere for free.  This is probably the fifth or sixth trip for my wife, Roossy — she knew the Smithsonian Mall best.

Things remembered in my last trip (one and a half years ago) were Singapore Bistro and Chinatown with the glass window showing the chef performing his daily task of handmade noodles.

What really was trying this trip was the METRO subway. For one, my 6 year-old has to pay full adult fare. The trip trip we took, we have to go around a multi-storey parking lot to find an available space. At several stops, the train took more than 3 minutes to close the doors because it was jammed with people who do not know how to squeeze in. It will cost us about $5 for the parking and our trip to DC on the squeeze subway could easily cost us $20-$30 together. The good thing though: the museums on Smithsonian Mall are still free. Thanks to all the taxpayers in the country.

On the 21st, we hurriedly rush back to our hotels in Gaithersburg awaiting a friend who’s supposed to come from Jakarta and drive straight form JKF airport to Gaithersburg —  a non-stop 5 and a half hour drive after her touch-down.  Her plane supposedly touched down at 11AM but we don’t have phone calls from her up until 3PM.  By the time we reached Gaithersburg (our rendezvous point), there’s still no word of her — not in the hotel lobby, nor the food court of Lake Forest Mall.  After much comtemplation and worries, my most logical conclusion is that she gave us the wrong day of arrival (assuming the time difference between S’poer and NYC, this is a very common mistake).  Upon checking the exact itinerary on Roossy’s yahoo mail, we confirmed that was an unwarranted mistake.

Roossy likes it that this trip we visited Armsterdam Falafel Shop near to Dupont Circle (which is really nearer to Woodley Park Zoo Metro Station) and Georgetown Cupcake (see exact address below)

I don’t find this place very special, and I ordered nothing from this list:

Georgetown Caupcake Menu on the Wall

It’s amazing how something so simple (and completely trivial) can draw such a crowd:

But some things caught my attention very quickly are:

  • the ability to pay parking by using your phone or an app on your smartphone:
  • the city authority allowing an ugly white building  (flat top, no roof)to be built right next to a beautiful brick-wall ones with nice castle-like roofs on 18th Street NW.

But amidst all the huge building in areas near the White House, I do find people who roam in Washington DC very rude.  Serve them right that they are taxed but not represented!


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