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No snow in December

January 3, 2012

We usually get about 28 inches of snow in December alone.  But this year is balmy.  We promised our friend who came all the way from Jakarta to visit that they’ll have the chance to shovel.  They stayed from December 19th to the 2nd of January, and all they saw was a powdery amount of snow on their way to Woodbury, NY.  Even as they left on the 2nd, JFK airport is a sunny 37 degree Fahrenheit.  On January the 3rd, it plunged down to 1 degree Fahrenheit!  We laughingly said the couple from Jakarta brought the warmth with them.

But Erie has its first heavy snow on the second day of January.  It was a confusing day to say the least.  The public schools in Millcreek declared that as the first day of school.  But not all the students go to school.  Why would they?  Their parents who could be a working for the Federal government and the banks are off today because New Year Day fell on a Sunday.  But the snow came in huge squalls and so the school superintendent cancelled classes.  What a mess!  Parents hate it when classes are cancelled.  It’s better they declare a holiday in the first place.

This confusion calls for extreme scheduling in advance.  And to add to that confusion, Thanksgiving must always fall on a Thursday.  And businesses stressed even more to balance in Daylight saving hours and different time zones.  And if clients are international, that calls for more detailed planning.

So Hanke and Henry of John Hopkins University came up with the Hanke-Henry calendar.  This would cut so much costs and people would see no need to buy a new calendar every year!  Imagine just having to change the number “2012” to “2013” and every day on that calendar of the previous year stays in the same place!  Imagine New Year Day and Christmas Day always falling on a Sunday!  There will be no more confusion.  Even if there were, the whole world will eventually learn from it and it would not happen the next year!  But Henry-Hanke also calls for the whole world to take only ONE TIME ZONE!  That is correct, the whole world will follow the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)!

“It’s 4AM now, less go to sleep, I’ve got work at 2PM when I wake up. ”

“Please don’t forget to pick up some milk and eggs after work on your way home at 10PM honey!”

It will only take a little getting used to.  China has one time zone and people in the western China has never complained!


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