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Centre de Recherches Mathématiques — Part 2

May 19, 2012

I could live in Montreal if I get a job here.  My wife said she could absolutely live in Montreal.  Later I tell my wife if I ever get a job here, I would not buy a house but rent a luxury apartment near Côte-des-Neiges like this one called Mary or Concord or something:

On the morning when I was supposed to go to Centre de Recherches Mathématiques (CRM) which was in Université de Montréal on the other side of Parc Mont Royal where McGill University was situated.  The STM (equivalent to MRT of S’pore or MTR of HK) received a smoke bomb scare, the entire subway system closed down.


Smoke Bomb release by a protester

We went back up the road trying to figure out the bus I can take and my wife decided to follow me to CRM instead of her initial plan of going to Bio Dome.  Together, we ended up walking instead of taking any bus.  STM really reminded me of MRT in the 90s.  Even in the most crowded rush hours, it’s still bearable.  And it’s really cheap.  For $16 I have a 3-day pass to use as much as I want.  the only difference is: it’s not dependent on the length of your trip, one pays a fix rate for each ride.  So there is no need to scan your ticket on the way out.

Between reading the map and reading road signs, I must have passed Édouard-Montpetit and Côte-des-Neiges several times but we still denied that we were lost.  By 10 o’clock in the morning, I finally found CRM which was in a building on the fifth and sixth floor beside an egg.

Big (buddha) Egg outside CRM

Even the first Open Presenter could not make it to his talk because he stayed so far away, he needs the STM to get here.  So we walked back to Cote-des-Neiges to find some cool coffee place even though CRM served coffee for free for me.

This place is still pretty cheap by any city standard and the subway is super efficient despite the bomb scare this morning.  I had a very short lunch break but I still managed to run to Chinatown, buy some Big Pao (大鸡包)and economic noodles from some cheap store in de La Gauchetière Ouest and from this Auntie whose impressively spoke Mandarin, English, Francias and Cantonese.   Here is a picture of the receipt:

And I almost forgot, the only best dim sum from La Maison Kam Fung is quite good.

And what I thought was a Math department had a very impressive Math Club.  I sat there for a mere 15 mins after rushing to and from Chinatown to get some food, I was impressed by the chalk board in this Salon Maurice L’abbe.

It’s NOT the Math Dept. It’s a research Centre!

I call this impressive. I don’t even see this in NUS!

How can I make students in my department discuss such high level Math in the coffee room?  Surely this must be a very good Math Department.

Later I discovered that it wasn’t any Math Department, it was a room for a very important research institute comparable to that of MSRI in Bekerley.


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