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You Know You Are Old When…

June 15, 2012

Most easy physical tell-tale signs are

  • white hair/ grey hair
  • wrinkles, especially 鱼尾纹
  • low metabolism, love handles
  • hyperopia
  • loss of memory- short term
  • sleeping less at night, taking more naps

and the list is easily longer than that.  And I admit having all of the above (maybe not the naps).  But I managed to get rid of my love handles and lost a lot of weight even though I did not plan it.  I give my wife the credit that BMI jumped from more than 26 to about 23.1.

Here, I’m discussing more psychologically and mental aging.  Many friends I know feared all signs of old age.  Some are in stages of denial.  I knew of friends who’d dye their hair, pluck off all white hair, detest anyone calling him “Uncle”/阿婶, or tuck in their stomachs when someone is aware of their love handles. 

It goes to show that age does not necessary imply wisdom; the vanity that were cultivated in the teens does not go away naturally.

I was listening to Lionel Richie music today and I also heard Donna Summer in one of his duet (I think it’s “Dancing In The Ceiling” or something).  Donna Summer is one of my favourites, I especially like her “She Works Hard For The Money” and “Hot Stuff”.  When the singer you like passed away, it’s a sign of old age.  To name a few more: Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb (Andy Gibb doesn’t count) and Fong Fei Fei(鳳飛飛).

Lionel Richie lamented once that he was in a crowd and someone asked him:

“Are you Nicole’s father?”

Nicole Ritchie, Lionel’s adopted daughter who shot to stardom after her reality TV show, “The Simple Life”, with Paris Hilton has fans who asked Lionel that question.  I guess when the singer you like is being referred to as a father of someone famous, you’re considered old too.

We all giggled in excitement during old school gathering on who will be the first to get married and who the second.  Then it becomes an almost monthly affair that our younger cousins got married too (and the ang pow money that we should not forget).  Then middle age showed when parents of friends starts to pass away — funeral.  But the real sign of old age is when we unavoidably started looking up and down the obituaries section.  Of course when one of your child has a baby and one becomes an Ah Kong or Ah Ma, then it’s official, old age has arrived!

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