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August 13, 2012

Yes, that word is synonymous with chocolate.   But the correct usage of the word should be Hershey’s like McDonald’s.

Like Xerox is the name of a company which went down in the dictionary to mean photocopy.  Using the company name to mean the product is no stranger to Americans.  Nobody will doubt you if you say

“Would you want some Hershey’s?”

“Would you want some Wiggley Double Mint?”

Or in Singapore, someone at home would say:


Even though there’s Colgate shampoo, conditioner and even a Colgate University.  Having the name of a company OR product to mean the product itself is the ultimatum of any advertising.  If enough advertising could get my company name or my product name to mean what it is, it will at least wipe out the competitors.  And the name stays in the mind of the consumers for a while even without advertising.

But do you know that Hershey is also the name of a city?  Yes, the state of Pennsylvania allows Hershey to set up a chocolate factory near to its capital city of Harrisburg, and to attract more crowd, it has a Theme Park!  This is totally uncalled for.  In Singapore, it will be like renaming Bishan to “Kong Guan” or Yeo Chu Kang to “Yeo Hiap Seng”.  Or calling one of the MRT stations F&N!  If 美珍香 his its way, it would like to rename the island Nation to 美珍香 (or Bee Chuan Heng) too.  Then when people thing about the island nation, they think about 美珍香’s Bak Kwa!

This afternoon, I am going to Hershey.  I mean the town Hershey.  I am stopping there for some food, because my ultimate destination is the town called Essington, Pennsylvania.


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