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RI issued a Diploma

October 13, 2012

How can RI-RGS issue a diploma dated December of this year? That must be a mistake. If you ask me, I would think it’s a mistake too. But when I found out who RI issued it too, I will more than agreed with RGS-RI. (Below is his “Diploma”):

Lim’s Diploma

The issue of whether Singapore will ever one day produce a world-class scientist or athlete is a topic as old as Singapore itself, and if you ask me last year, I’ll still say it’s not possible.

  • ” How can it be lah?”
  • “The weather here is too hot, we’re not between the tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.”
  • “Our population is too small, we do not have that critical mass!”
  • “Aiyah, where got time for sports and science lah, S’poreans are busy making money only!”

I’m not talking about Tian-Wei the Foreign talent who almost gave us our long-awaiting Olympics Gold medal. I’m not talking about Royston Tan, our home grown direcor of 881 and 15. I’m not referring to any of the A-STAR researchers, who have not come close to winning the Nobel Prize (or the Fields Medal). I am talking about the person whose name was in the Diploma above.
Lim is definitely not a foreign talent, S’porean who knows that surname can justify that. His name on the IMO list and his results made me think twice and swallowed my words because for a long time, I do not believe anyone of us in or from S’pore could be “world class” in the next five decades. Terry Tao continued to become a world class Mathematician. Grigori Perelman won the Fields Medal and turned it down and even turned down the Clay million dollars award for proving the “Poincare Conjecture”. With Lim’s result in the last IMO, I finally 对新加坡 另眼相看。 Jeck Lim, if he works hard and continue on his work, is a black charcoal waiting to be a world brilliant diamond.

I take my hat’s off to you, Master Lim.

In a short span of 20 years, yes, we can have someone like Yau Shing-Tung (丘成桐) and Sir Charles Kao (高錕) of Hong Kong.

Okay,, okay, maybe Sir Charles is not really from HK and Yau is more like Shanghai born but only spent many years in HK, but you get my drift.  (actually, the IPO and ICO also have impressive students from S’pore, as mentioned by PM LHL National Day Speech, but Jeck’s result is stunning compared to other students.  Also, I mistaken Lim Min for Jeck.  Lim Min is a girl who blogs in “Don’t mess with 6A” while Jeck Lim is the person I tip my hat’s off to.)


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