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November 15, 2012

The title is misleading.  This is the time of the year where I am wrapping up with reviews and help for students (and extra office hours) and writing exams before they go off for their super long Thanksgiving+Fall break.  We were so busy, we cannot afford to get sick.  And the whole family got sick.  Sigh!  In between going to work and preparing for everyone’s lunch and dinner, I was like a chicken running without its head.  Plus, I was sick too. The campaign ads were relentless.  This time of the year, for “relaxation”, I found China news and scandal a breadth of fresh air.

Many Chinese in the mainland would exchange seats with me and listen to scandals of David Patreous/Jill Kelly/John Allen, or celebrate(or decry)  4 more years of Obama.  But I tried my very best to shut my years off to any of these US “news”.   The downfall and juicy scandals of Ng Boon Gay is perhaps making all these stories look so similar, it’s deja vu.

Sometimes, I’ll just read about the new first lady General Peng Liyuan, or instead YouTube about that mainland Chinese SU YouPeng (Alec?) who could easily snub Hongkong Andy Lau because China market is so much bigger.  Even knowing that history teacher, who violently slapped her pupils, and the other star history teacher Yan Yuanfei (史上最牛历史老师–袁腾飞) and learn his meaningful teaching add more spice to my moments because all the other sensational American news are getting stale.

I wonder if s'poreans

General Peng Liyuan

So instead of shutting off my ears, I use the other noise from the other parts of the world to drown out the junk on this side of the Pacific Ocean.  So now I know Lin Qing Xia (Brigette?)  is not the nmost beautiful Chinese of all times, Xin Yuan Zhang is.  STOMP said “her beauty ‘transcends trends and projects a calm maturity”.  Oh yeah?  Better than the historical 貂婵、王昭君、杨贵妃(杨玉环)、西施?  Got “闭月羞花之貌,沉鱼落雁之容”?  Okay, I was lying, the news on the superstorm Sandy and later that Nor’easter storm (ATHENA?) got me glued to the TV (or internet) sometimes.  And three weeks after the storm was over, the TV showed damages and people recovering from it were captivating, to say the least.

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