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Visit to NYC 2012 (part 1)

November 28, 2012

Nov 17 (Saturday) 

We wanted to go right after Amanda’s tumbling.  But Mama is so sick, she disallowed Amanda from tumbling and delayed the travel by a day. Actually, I thought it’s more exciting if we leave yesterday!

Nov 18 (Sunday) 

Mama still didn’t  feel very good.  So her offer to drive half the distance is off.  I drove using I-86 and it was surprisingly pleasant.  Our first stop was Hornell which has a very nice big Wegmans.  Our second stop was at a marvelous Panera Bread in this town slightly off Binghamton called Vestal.  The whole journey was comfortable except when we reach Lansdale and could not find Cisca’s place.  It turned out, we had the GPS to go to Towamencin Ave  and Cisca’s place is in N Towamencin Ave.  That ‘north’ made a whole big difference.  I swang into  a school, got hurried and broke my muffler.  Good thing Cisca’s place is near Bob Adams Auto Service Center.    That night we walked to Saigon  main Vietnamese Cuisine (see menu here) for  dinner  with Cisca.  The wait was very long  because there was only one waiter.  The  walk home was cold because the “real  Feel”  is 33 degree even though the temp was 50 degree.

Nov 19 (Monday) 

The guy said it needed fix all  the way to the converter pipe.  Cost me a grand and some  delay  to go to AirBnB in Brooklyn.  In  any case, we had a heavy breakfast in “Not Just Sandwiches” and headed off to Utica Ave in Brooklyn by 2PM.  We circled around the bay near to JFK airport.  And finally by 5:30PM, we reached Brooklyn and found the place rather pleasant.  It was already dark this time of the year, so we went for dinner in a place 0.5 miles away on Flatbush Ave.  The food was so-so, the waiter thought I was in a hurry gave me my beehoon in a doggy bag when we could not finish.  Even though our area was relatively safe, I felt uncomfortable parking in 51st Ave overnight.

Nov 20 (Tuesday) 

We took what seemed like an “Angutan Kota” to Crown Hts-Utica Ave near Prospect Park to take Subway Number 4 to Manhattan. The trip was only $4 and it was a real eye-opener.  The driver said it’ll only take 5 mins. to cross to Manhattan, it ended up taking us more than 30 minutes  In any case, my wife and daughter had a ball walking through the fair, the playground in Union Square.  She cater the Raw Food on the street vendor and was rewarded $1 for returning the bottle.  The thing that impressed her most, I must say, is the Whole Food Market directly below Burlington Coat Factory across from Union Square.  Later, we walked all the way from Union Square, passed the Empire State Building and passed the NY Public Library by accident (we went in to get to see an exhibition of Dickens’ work).  Then we walked to Woorijip and another Korean grocery store (on the same street — the whole entire block, I think, is Korean), then to Sunrise Mart (japanese, different street) , and to Books Kinokuniya (very famous Japanese bookstore, kinda like Popular book store in S’pore).

After that, we had to find the next subway stop to bring us to the Children’s Zoo in Central Park.  We found it and was greeted by the grandiose Grand Central Station.  Inside Mama took some photos (and outside too).

Only when we try to find the Carousel in lower Central Park, did we ended up walking and lost.  Most other time, we know exactly where we were and how far our destination was.

After many frustration, asking for directions and kilometres later, we found the carousel and it was closed.  Too tired to do anything else, we took another southbound subway line to Canal Street and search for Sanur Indonesian and Malaysian food (Gad About Gals blogged about this resto) in Chinatown Manhattan.

After dinner, we took another subway to Brooklyn, this time we took a different line and different destination from where we started in the morning and had some experience of taking the real MTA buses, no private “AngKots”.  We were so tired from all the walking the heavy meal at Sanur didn’t seemed to be enough for me.  I ran down to another Chinese takeout and ordered one Hor Fun  and two spring rolls.  Even though it was a far cry from all the breakfast, lunch and dinner  we had, it was  still pretty good by Erie standard.

Nov 21 (Wednesday)

We checked out.  This is an AirBnB, so we have to clean up before we leave.  We’ve decided to go check out Flushing before we head to Alex’s house in Kings Park.  Before our Flushing, mama had to buy her Indonesian groceries from this place in Elmhurst called Topline.  The local drive from southern Brooklyn to Elmhurst was an experience I had many years ago and rather it not repeated but it did.  All the discomfort of a packed crowded traffic came back to haunt me.  But in Flushing, we manage to find Municipal parking #1 quite effortlessly.  I wanted to eat in the famous Jade Asian Cuisine (明都酒樓), but Mama and my daughter preferred having Queens Crossing Food Court food instead.  I bought Ramen (ラーメン) from Ajisen Ramen (味千ラーメン) for my daughter and Mama indulged herself in the Chinese noodles.  And they did not stop themselves from browsing the Jmart and the Korean Valentine store in Flushing.

After all these, it was another traffic jam and another apology to Alex that we had to see him after sun down.  But Alex brought us to this Thai restaurant within walking distance from his house.  It was so good, we ate till our stomachs almost exploded.


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