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The meteor shower on Friday night

December 15, 2012

Thursday and Friday nights were the best nights for watching meteor shower according to Huffington Post and our friends who thought I will not want to miss this great event.

“Beyond the 100km atmosphere is another interesting layer of air, ionosphere, when air no longer is air and a fourth state of matter exist in abundance called the *plasma*. It is the place where ions and free flying electrons mingle, where Sun’s electromagnetic energies and our planet’s environment interact, where earthly meets the heavenly.”

Even reading articles like that made me want to rush to a library or pick up another book or internet media to understand the intriguing science behind these mysterious “being”/ substance.  But would a meteor shower or eclipse, or aurora, or even star-gazing through a powerful telescope interest me?  The answer is negative.

Last night, my wife woke up the entire family at 3:00AM to view the historical meteors, I obediently came downstairs and continue to snooze in the living room armchair.  My daughter said she was interested, but she too dived into the living room futon and curled up in a blanket in less than 3 minutes.

Even when Einstein knew the Mercury sighting in 1919 by Sir Eddington during a total solar eclipse would confirm that light (in extreme gravitation) would bend, he still had no interest to watch it.

It’s similar to say the book is more interesting than the movie.  Or the legend is more interesting than the truth.  Perhaps it’s the mind that needs tingling.  The eye, nose, ear, tongue and skin, they are simply transmitting signals to the brain to re-interpret, so, how can it be more interesting to see, hear, smell or taste, when the mind is already enriched and filled?

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