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Changes in Chinatown

May 11, 2013

This country changes every year.  So if I have to recount the changes of the landscape, the building, this space is probably not enough.  Or should I say, I’ll have no time to do anything else.

But this trip, I notice some differences.  There are more signs like “low crime doesn’t mean no crime”, “shop lifting is a crime”,  “不要令歹徒,有机可乘” (don’t let the bad guys have chances), “顺手牵羊”, etc.  Is that a sign of increasing crime?  Singaporean will probably be quick to blame the huge numbers of Chinese Nationals, I personally encounters ugly behaviors of these FOB (fresh-off-the-boat) foreigners who cut queues, smoke in sheltered areas or throw trash on the floors near People’s Park.  At night every (closed) entrance to People’s Park Complex, there is a picture of a CISCO guard waving his left hand at you saying:

“Shop-Theft is a crime!”  Or a huge sign as below:

sign on Eu Tong Sen

Another even bigger sign on Eu Tong Sen

Our family already has locks in place at the front door (see left picture below).  And a pretty sturdy front gate that also comes with a lock.  But my family find it safer if they put on another heavy padlock.

2013-05-11 04-47-14 - DSCN0524 2013-05-11 04-46-42 - DSCN0523

Another surprise was five or six two-seater convertibles I found at Keong Siak Road near to 101-durian.  I had never seen a single convertible in this island nation let alone six.  At 3AM in the morning, someone was briefing the drivers and within minutes, they started to make a lot of noise with their accelerators and then sped off.  It seems their mufflers were “punctured’ to give that desired roaring noise.  Isn’t that noise pollution illegal?  I was told even modified cars (e.g to put a normal sedan on huge wheels) is disallowed here.

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