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A Little Misunderstaning

May 15, 2013

I had so much trouble with my OCBC Bank.  I am also holding an account with DBS bank but they did not give me as many problems.  At least with respect to the change to the new token, DBS transition was smooth and seamless.  They sent me the new token, they reminded me with a letter, I activated my new token, end of story.  All these in

new tokens

New Tokens

spite of the fact that I was in the US.

But OCBC was a different story.  Firstly, OCBC likes to de-activate my online Banking when I do not have “activity”.  Earning interest or money deducted as GIRO do not qualify as the so-called “activity”.  So being in the US, I could not get into my bank and do thing I want to do online, until I call them up to re-activate which can be quite troublesome.  For that reason, I have to do most of my online banking via DBS but that was a joint account.

2013-05-13 18-02-16 - DSCN0543

Old Tokens

A few months ago, OCBC sent me a letter saying my new token was sent to me.  I waited for a month but still see no token.  When I am in Singapore, I quickly to to the OCBC in People’s Park Centre.  The line was so long and the front customer service was unhelpful.  I sat near the service for 30 minutes, then went home.  I immediately called them on the phone and was promised my new token will be sent to my Singapore address.  Nothing happened.  So days laterI walked down to Chulia Street branch and get in line to get this done which took quite long.  As I was waiting, an old man with a suitcase was so disgusted with his service he walked up and down the aisle behind the customers and voiced out his opinion.  The security guard came , then he demanded to talk to a supervisor:

“30 to 40 years ago, there is an inquiry, now you don’t have one, so everytime I come and see a long line, I go Chia Kopi and come back later.  Now I talked to the man in suit, he was very rude at me.  As a customer, I am giving you my feedback, I don’t need the security man, I am not committing any crime.”

“Do I look like I am a criminal?  Please go away, I am not talking to you, I am talking to the manager/supervisor.  I am just an unsatisfied customer trying to voice my opinion…”

I got my token before he is finished.  I think this incident is worth reporting by the STOMPER.  I should have taken their picture/video and send it to the Straits Times STOMPER.

new token

Photo on 2013-05-14 at 17.36 Finally my new tokens from the bank with the worst service.


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