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Bandung Murah

June 6, 2013

I want to see how cheap Bandung is. The last I knew, I had to spend S$22.80 at Changi Terminal 2 in a stall that sold things similar to Ya Kun. That was for food enough for my wife myself and my daughter.  And I remembered days ago buying two drinks and a set in Ya Kun in Poeple’s Park Centre and it cost about twelve dollars.

So armed with loose change of less than one hundred thousand Rupiahs, I ventured out and walked to Pasar Baru (new bazaar) of Bandung and looked for things to buy. I saw shorts and T-shirts that caught my eyes. So I went to one stall that sells only shorts. Without even bargaining (I admit I’m not good at that at all), I asked for the price of one and they said it’ll cost me twenty thousand Rupiahs. Then he went on and suggested buying two because he can give me a discount. I readily bought a NIKE shorts and a REEBOK shorts, paid forty thousand Rupiahs and got back Rp. 5 ribu in change.

Then I went to another stall across the street because I really liked some of the T-shirts designs. One that says I “heart” Bandung.  Actually I like two different kinds of T-shirts that were displayed.  I asked them what size I should wear and how much they cost.

“Size XL atau lebih! Tapi size XL, dua puluh ribu rupiah!”

Each T-shirt only sell for Rp. 20,000 (they, like the French used a period instead of a comma for thousand separation), but they said size XL suit me better. But that is going to cost me twenty-five thousand Rupiahs.  I chose one instead of two. So now I have purchased one T-shirt and two shorts.


one T-shirts two paira of shorts

I slowly walked back to my hotel and on the way I stopped at DUNKIN’ DONUT for some snacks.  I ordered a Kaya donut and a big cup of freshly made coffee all for only Rp. 20,000 with one thousand Rupiahs in change!


After paying 20 thousand rups, I still have change

So is it cheaper? T-shirt, shorts and snack, it cost a total of less than eighty thousand Rupiahs (Rp. 80,000 = S$10) with change! You be the judge.

That’s less than what I would spend in a Food Court in Erie Millcreek Mall!  Granted, I did not take any transportation and I have to tolerate the bad road for pedestrian and unfriendly traffic where even zebra crossing are ignored by all drivers.  So this is not comparing apple with apple, but cost-wise, S’poreans will sound like a bird there “cheap, cheap, cheap!”


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