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Recovering from Asian Trip

July 6, 2013

We always forgot how dreadful jet-lag is.  When we’re recovering from jet-lag in Singapore, we think the process in America when we returned will be an easier one because it seems the plane flight (SIN to USA) is shorter and the total hours spent on the air is actually shorter by one to two hours. 

When we finally got back, my wife, owing to insufficient sleep on the plane, slept a lot in the Pittsburgh hotel, which we spent a night before driving home.  So when we are finally at home (which is another 200 kilometre north of Pittsburgh), she slept every day from 2PM to 11PM for more than a week.  My daughter and I sort of recovered within 3 days, well at least we slept at 5-7PM and woke up and 4 – 6AM.  Being on a  completely different sleeping schedule from the woman of the house, for a week (or slightly more), we, as a family acted like zombies — no visitors, no going out.

Finally on July the 1st (Day 9), my wife managed to sleep until 5AM – 6AM and resume some normalcy.  Just when I thought we could plan something exciting for the remaining “summer”, my daughter was put on two different swimming schedule — one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Initially we thought of throwing her in a summer Gymnastics class too but with two gruelling swim practice everyday, we’ve decided that should be enough for her (and us) for the summer.

We thought we were very KIASU, until another friend of our daughter has her mother driving them to the pool for training the very day after they arrive from China trip!  They even went for an afternoon Meet to compete.

Adjustment from Asia is hard.  Food-wise, my daughter and I can easy go with no rice or no “delicious” Asian cuisine and home-cooked meal is good enough for us.  But my wife is usually very unhappy because even the Best Chinese Buffet Restaurant on Buffalo Road, is not quite half as good as any Hawker Centre or Warung-warung.  And she’s got to have rice, we cannot just make do with some Mexican or American or French or Italian restaurant.  So it looks like we might have to plan to move to a place nearer to the city with good Asian cuisine, or be prepared to face an unhappy Mom at home every day!

And how did we spend July the 4th?  We dread hearing the fireworks, and we did not turn on the TV to see any Parade or even watch the news.  On 4th if July when everyone is BBQing and having a ball, we went to Imperial Palace, realize they charge dinner price for a lunch buffet, then turned to Qdoba for a Mango salad an a kids meal instead.  I remember later I ordered coffee and a low-fat blueberry muffin from DUNKIN’ and they had Menchies yogurt for desert.


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