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Park Inn by Radisson

December 3, 2013

This exact address was very familiar to me when reviewed the place of my hotel that I booked.  It said “555 Cochrane Drive”.  I knew it used to be HoJo (Howard Johnson).  to re-confirmed what I believe, I visited the site with Google Map and the picture of old HoJo was still there at 555 Cochrane Drive.  But I would have no idea what the actual hotel looks like.

Hotwire reviewed that I’ve actually booked Park Inn.  The Park Inn webpage looks incredibly clean and new.  It was unbelievable because previously I spent more than eighty Canadian dollars to book each night.  Now the newly renovated place is only seventy dollars.

When we arrived, we were pleased with the toilet.  Our newly renovated toilet is now just a shower and so is the room at Park Inn:


“Glass door of the shower, showing the showerhead.”


“Mirror door closet that is next to the main door>’


“Lovely wall paper and matching picture in the toilet.”

We should really enjoy this newly renovated hotel.  And we did.  But when we went to the swimming pool, nothing has really changed, only thing is it was used for swimming lessons by children 4 to 9 from 5PM all the way to about 9PM.  So class after class of kids were there for swim lesson changing every 30 minutes.  One lane was reserved for hotel users ans we were the only ones.  I found it too noisy and crowded and my daughter loved it.

For three days, we only visited Markham, which has many “Chinatowns” created by HongKonger but is now bustling with Taiwanese and mainland Chinese.

First Markham Place is literally only a stone thrown away.  I loved going there just before the food court is open and see many Chinese practicing  TaiChi.  At the main food court area, there were many “dancers”.  People in their fifties doing dancing as a form of exercise.  This kind of thing is very popular in China, HK and Singapore.



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