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Dr. Yang Ding Yi

March 13, 2014

I do not know if I got this name correct but his chinese name is Yang 杨 (a very common surname), Ding 定 (which means sure), Yi 一 (one).  In chinese Yi Ding 一定means definite or sure, but this guy’s name is Dingyi.

Dingyi’s father is very Confucianistic and moved to Brazil when Dingyi was very young.  As a young boy, Dingyi loved reading and analyzing so much, he got his medical degree in Brazil at a age of 13.  He qualified for a better school but his mom decided against it because she did not want him to leave the family at a very young age.  But in any case, this guy eventually got double PhD by the time he was 21.

Being so smart, Dingyi always thinks about others and about how more people can be saved and despite what he did, he is bound for failure.  And being able to achieve what took more time for people to achieve, Dingyi faced more failure than normal usual people.  the common belief that successful people never fail is wrong.  In fact, they almost walked the same path normal people walk, they just covered more distances because of their diligence.  At a young age, he brought up the idea of cellular visualization, almost similar to some Indian guru who “visualize” the universe, not by looking into the telescope, but by looking inward into our “self” / our body. Those, days, every one, including scientist and top surgeons, thought this guy is probably crazy.  Today, Dingyi is in his fifties.  He knew and experienced enough medical knowledge and knowhow, he created, this dance that is sort of similar to some Balinese dancers who twisted their fingers and elbows and heads to a degree only contortionist or expert yoga practitioners can do.

This not only brought about one’s health, it is in line with the theories of every chiropractor in this country but more.  Dr. Dingyi does not have a “way” of doing this dance.  It’s more philosophical and maybe I should say more in the mind.  The dance may be physical, but it is free form (like disco for teenagers in the 90s) , it’s a way to achieve 不生不滅 (no live, no destroy),不垢不淨 (not dirty, not clean)不增不減 (no add no minus) 的境界 (state of being).  While doing so, one must be 感恩 (thankful), to your body and people and things around you.


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