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youTube — my Tour Guide

May 1, 2014

My wife loves watching street food from youTube.  Many times, she would  visit sites like  Jakarta street food on YouTube.  And occasionally, she would go to videos on Korean Street Food by two angmoh Torontonians calling themsleves “EatYourKimChi”  While the former helped to chase away her blues, the latter does the opposite of creating a yearn to go visit Korea (South Korean, I mean).  (Aside: EatYourKimChi , I think is more about Torontonians crazy about K-pop than about street food, because Toronto itself has pretty good Korean food in Christie.)

It has a different effect on me.  I still watch Sen28’s video (see above) because it’s better than watching local Erie TV.  But I would use YouTube to watch Sharla‘s video to visit Japan.  (Sharla who called herself 十三階段 (Jyuusan Kaidan or thirteen floor) is a Canadian vblogger in Japan).  If I like a particular place, I would either use GoogleEarth or just Bird view of BING or even the street view of Google Map and look for the streets and “walk” the place.  Many times, like the “Day in My Life: TOKYO (私の一日☆東京), I would realize that Shibuya(渋谷) is not very different from Orchid Road .  And Akihabara, is just a little bigger than the Sim Lim Square I knew.  So armed with that, I would normally “walk” more of the streets of Shibuya (or 秋葉原) on BING or Google and have no craving to visit that country at all.  Thank you map-people, you allow me to fly to these places to “see”.

But I do realize one thing.  My impression of what Japan is, completely changed.  My imagination is that Tokyo is very very crowded and every train requires the help of oshiya (押し屋, see picture below)


Oshi ya

But the truth is:   on YouTube they don’t seem quite as crowded as typical Singapore MRT between 2010 and 2013!  Why is that so?  I once asked a friend who travelled widely and frequently in Asia and he said it’s because SMRT does not have trains as frequent as them.  Even in the most crowded place like Hong Kong, he seldom experienced the frustration he faced on a daily basis in Singapore.  I learnt a lot from YouTube, which would not have been possible pre-internet days.


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