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Fake Doctorate

June 2, 2014

A man faked a University of South Florida PhD and taught in Polk State University for five years. Polk State found out and took action, the final agreement was “His 5-year work totalled 258,000 is considered money robbed from the school,” and I don’t know if the school is going to file that as stolen money to the police or simply ask that man to return the quarter million bucks and call it even.

His has a rating 4.9 out of 5, so he is a decent and likeable professor.  That means he did his job very professionally and very well despite not having the PhD.  The truth is, not everyone in Polk State who teaches has a doctorate degree.  I do not advocate lying but the punishment (if there was one and I’m assuming here) was too heavy for him. The difference between the salaries of faculty member with PhD and without is not even $10,000 a year, I think.

 But this guy lets the whole world know how much a college professor earn.  258K divided by 5 is about 5.16K.  I looked back in my local tax 2001 to 2003 (which was still paper filing and was done by hand) I found that there was a year I earn less than this Mr. Fake guy!

On a side note, I remember filing even by hand, was pretty easy. When the e-file came up, I forgot to do it because the e-file was not available on the first month of the year. I finished my federal and state file by Feb, so by the time the efile was available in mid-March, I forgot all about it. I was slapped with a late fee of a few dollars, I think.

Electronic file or paper file, fast forward a dozen years, I have so many cloud spaces just like I have so many pen drives and so many external hard-drives. You name it, I probably have an account. But I only subscribe to the free ones. With Google Drive (2GB), with hotmail OneDrive (7 GB), with dropbox(2GB), with (15GB) , and my very first with UbuntuOne.  Now my own school has it’s own dropbox with almost no limit in capacity.  Ubuntu one is stopping on June 01st, 2014. It was probably my very first cloud space using a Linux machine. And although gave me 2GB, they gave my wife 5GB because she agree to automatically save all her iPhone photos on it.  Now keeping in sync or “organized” is a challenge with so many different cloud spaces.  I think I’ll just have to stick to ONE.  The ne in school is not good because it works on Windows7 or Windows 8, I need it to work on MacOS, all Linux/Unix platforms, Android, and sometimes (least important) Microsoft Windows.


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