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This Book or Nhat

September 4, 2014

The Erie KTC has a book discussion and so I bought this used “required textbook” for a few dollars from AMAZON to “study”.  It’s called No Time To Lose by Chodron.  It basically is quoting and explaining all that  寂天 had stated in his ten chapters book dedicated to the development of  菩提心 or 慈悲。So weekly, the members of ErieKTC would read every quote every slowly and digest and have a discussion on the explanation of Chodron.  At the rate it is going, I don’t think I need to read it like my typical library book.  Instead I read Start Where You Are by the same author.

I recommended this book of Chödrön entitled “Start Where You Are” to a friend who wants to know more about 佛教, but instead was influenced to read the book she was reading.  It’s called “White Cloud Old Path…” by Tich (or Thich or Thay if you respect him and consider him your teacher).  When I opened the book to read the first ten chapters, I was glued to it.  I re-read some of the chapters.  I knew most of the stories in the book but I knew them from bits and pieces I gathered as I googled (or bing) names like Angulimala(央掘魔羅),Yasodhara, Rahula, King Pasenadi, King Bimbisara, Ajatasattu, Ambapali(印度绝世美人), 目連 (or  Mokkuren 目犍連), Sariputra (舍利弗), Ananda(阿难), Sundari Nanda, Devadatta, and many more during the time I started with the ERIE KTC group. These were names and stories that I read and heard.  But never was put together in one BIG story book like this one.  The big difference in the way Tich went about writing his book, there was no 神通.  The lack of 神通 make everything in the story as fresh and as real as what could be happening today about what happened six hundred years before the birth of Christ.

So again very slowly I ground every word and re-think every chapter and every story in my mind.  It took me about a month to finish this book and I loved every page of it.  In fact, I was so convinced by the story that I started mindful eating at every meal hoping to get into mindfulness in everything I do.  But the quietness I created at the dinner table soon got unbearable. My wife and child would talk but I would only talk after my mindful eating.  Or stopped chewing altogether just to answer something simple.  In the West, meals are for talking and this mindful eating of mine eventually stopped and I told my family members that my mindfulness will go into only 30 %, so go ahead and talk to me and I would however only answer when I think it is appropriate  (actually I only said that, but I pretty much respond to every conversation). Now the full 100% mindful eating is only possible during breakfast, when I normally eat alone.  Or lunch at school.

From mindful eating to mindful walking and running, I have come to eat much, much less and almost all my craving for anything good, delicious and/or Asian gradually disappeared.  My BMI of 23-something is now down to 21 point something.  Going on diet and losing weight was never my intention, and I was once overweight with BMI over 25, this book and all my belief has transformed me to be a better person physically without even me knowing.

banana black

O, by the way, if you run (a little or a lot), banana is very convenient and very good for you.  Even its peel is good for mosquito bites.


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  1. Received your message loud and clear. I am trying to write the book review for Old Path White Cloud.
    By the way, I think my BMI increased. I don’t do mindful eating. I eat breakfast reading the newspapers, eat lunch watching Korean dramas and eat dinner watching Ch 8 news. No wonder lah.

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