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A Morning Jog

October 11, 2014

The image above my left shoulder is telling me not to go. I have been running everyday on the treadmill for a week and each time I cranked up the speed to more than eight miles an hour. All these even when the QUAD race is over. I don’t even know why I am training so hard. My right shoulder’s image is saying,

“Come on, it’s just a recovery run, it is cool outside and the Fall foliage will make every second worth its while.”

Fifty degree Fahrenheit (about 10 C) wasn’t exactly cool, but dressing in long sleeve T-shirt and long thick training pants should be enough to protect me.


So while the left and right were still arguing, I was outside the door (armed with a broken point & shoot coolpix).

Erie’s population is low, and like most American cities, most people drive everywhere even if the destination was less than a mile away. So the streets on a Saturday morning would have more moving cars than walking/running persons.

tree empty st

Cumulus clouds / Empty Street


red tree, some yellow leves /  nobody walking

But with that, there is more kindness and greetings. I passed an old obese couple and upon seeing me, they asked if I was alright and everything was okay. I thought to myself, “Perhaps I looked so skinny, I looked sick to them. Perhaps I looked more like a patient in his hospital pyjamas running on the street.” But saying hi to strangers, or greeting everyone on the street is commonplace in a place like this. I had a Malaysian friend here who said he would greet everyone even in Singapore. I found that hard to believe.  Hearing him say that (especially to Ah Pei or Ah Mmh) I conjure up images of an old lady saying “Xiao ah?” to him in my mind.

Because there are so few people and things to see, one focuses on the colourful foliage very much. And one pays attention to every human and animal. I startled a tiny dog while the owner was waiting for it to finish its business. And on 32nd Street, I slowed down to see a keyboard on sale for $10, not because I want to buy it, but it reminded me I should sell my upright piano which I stop practising since I turned 47 ½.

keyboard 4 sale

keyboard 4 sale

This is a short (and slow) jog.  I should not do more than 2 miles which I think I did.  But near the end of the run, I was greeted by a decorated car on the street.  The top has flower wreath crisscrossed.  And the front of the car (white letters on red cloth) says “11th Oct, KARMA SARU”.  Immediately I thought it must be an Indian wedding.

Wedding car

Wedding car

“The way the date was written is so unAmerican, American would always put the month first.”

And from the other ladies costume, I was so sure it was Indian wedding but my wife said it could be Nepalese.  “Or even Bhutanese.”  I said to myself.  By the time I got home, I practiced my 五步拳 in my bedroom to wrap up my morning exercise.

5 steps

5 steps


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