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Singapore is so Expensive

June 4, 2015

Singapore is getting so expensive, I do not even need to justify what I just said.  I heard that from so many people, particularly foreigners who visit Singapore frequently.  Twenty over years ago when I was still an undergraduate, we would always talked about how expensive Tokyo is.  That continues for about ten or so years and I would never imagine during those days, that some of my friends would one day (which is right now)  go to Japan and “cheap” like a bird after they returned and shared their stories.

With all these feedback, I do not need to know the numbers, to justify how expensive we’ve become.

But here, I’ll like to share some of the side effect of that when travelling in Bandung.

We stay in a grand hotel for about half a million Rupiah that includes breakfast.  Not satisfied with their service, yesterday, we moved to another Grander hotel for about half a

million rupiah a night.  I’ve decided not to take the breakfast package to save a hundred thousand rups.  So just now, I went to a supermarket in Jalan Lingkar and bought myself a bottle of strawberry jam and two ready-to-eat bread for only about forty thousand rups (see recepit above).  That’s  only about four Singapore dollars.  Then I walked into a restaurant and ordered 1 combo rice+ 4 vege dish,  the price was for only eight thousand rupiah!  I cannot even begin to tell you how cheap that is but let’s just say one of my tau-sa bun already cost me that much.

That kind of price for 四菜一饭, it’s like getting it free from Buddhist temple or alm’s round.

Sigh,  now I can really say ” S’pore is really…..”


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  1. How to compare a first world country to a third world? Do you really want Bundung prices complete with all its other offerings?

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