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A chance to meet an Abbot

June 4, 2016

Going to Toronto is always my wife’s idea because she needs to fix her cravings for good Cantonese/Malaysian food.  And it is a way to keep her sanity and her homesickness in check.  It’s the usual trip from one Chinese grocer to another and one Indonesian restaurant to another Malaysian restaurant.

Having conquer my craving for food (and almost anything else) , I have nothing to look forward to except to be a good chauffeur around the Greater Toronto and a good translator if information of products only have Chinese.

But this trip, I have the rare opportunity to dine with an Abbot from Dharma Drum Meditation Center.

Near the end of the trip, I request my wife to meet some Singaporeans and have dinner with them before driving that 4 hours home.  And just so lucky, Mr. Tan, one of my Torontonian friends have to pick up an Abbot from the Dharma Drum Meditation Center to start a 3-day retreat to be held in Mississauga.  The other Singaporeans were waiting and speculation “Wah, don’t know got the 因缘 or not, the Abbot might join us for dinner le”.  Mr. Tan after picking up the Abbot had a separate reservation and was able to come to this Zen Garden.  Every Buddhist stood up, clasped their hands in respect when FaShi stepped in.  We requested that he sit with us for dinner.

During this hour, GuoXing Fashi, asked me whether “1+1=2” is some kind of truth or does it come with a model.  I gave my two cents of what this so called “math” is all about and that it is a tool/language used for mostly science to describe their work.  And that yes, it could also have 1 + 1 = \infty or one can also have 1+1=10 (binary addition) or 1+1=3 if there is simple 买二送一sales going on.

Then I have the opportunity to listen directly from the Master the concept of “無我 ” as to 离颠倒梦想 in everyday life to 解除烦恼.  Thanks to my friend Mr. Tan, I am really, really lucky, 如此受用不尽 ‘s dharma, I will contemplate on it and vow to understand it.



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