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The Japanese that even Japanese don’t know

August 11, 2016

Nihonjin no shiranai nihongo – the part of the Japanese language that even local Japanese do not know. This is a very interesting drama about a young, pretty Japanese teacher of a class of foreigners interacting with her students. Keiko is a modern young Japanese so untypical of a Japanese teacher. But out of a desperate need to complete an assignment from this private school, she is willing to put herself on the line and prove to the principal that she can make it and be an exceptional teacher of a relatively hard-to-teach foreign adult students.
Orignally, many years ago, I intended to watch this dorama to improve my Japanese, but due to good, accurate subtitles, I learned little and got stuck episodes after episodes of this captivating J-dorama on youtube.


Years later I caught my wife watching “KELAS INTERNATIONAL” on youtube about a class of foreign students learning Bahasa Indonesia in a very popular Indonesian comedy/drama show.  After only two episodes with her, I thought it was a copycat of the Nihonjin shiranai Nihongo show. But on closer look, I realized it is of a very different genre.


Nihonjin-no-shiranai-Nihongo tends to focus on the interesting part of the language that was only peculiar in the Japanese language. One has to engage one’s brain and do learn some etymolgy of Japanese characters.,  while KELAS


focus on the students and has more episodes on the slapstick jokes and odd behavior of various foreigners while in Indonesia.bringing their local habits into that of Jakarta.  Most actors are real foreigners, except for the “China” student played by a Chinese Indonesian whose exaggeration is probably why people love this show.  She does reminded me of a Chinese Indonesian from the island of Sulawesi, they don’t speak Mandarin well and mixed Hokien, Teochew, Cantonese and Mandarin and Bahasa when she spoke her version of Chinese.  Also unlike the Japanese (Nihonjin), one episode is less than 30 minutes. Even the pronunciation of each student’s name is inherently by another student.  For example “玲玲” -Ling Ling(China student’s name) is pronounced “Rin Rin” by the Japanese guy.  And the Japanese guy would not distinguish “h” and “f” crating lots of errors and laughter.


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  1. A little more online search, and I see many countres are copying the 70s British sit-com “Mind Your Language”.

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