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September 9, 2016

The only forms of news that is available to me is and  The Straits Times actually costs money to subscribe.  Of course I will read The Straits Times, as I have been reading that for the first half of my life, and it will certainly give me that sense of continuity on the second half of my life, but it is being cut off when the online version is not free.

Nonetheless, I still can go to  SG.Yahoo and ASIAONE to continue my access to my root culture.  Actually there is also ZaoBao but Chinese is my 2nd language and I got C’s and sometimes B, so I usually prefer the English news.

Since I attended talk of Ven. Ding Hong 定弘法师, who was formerly 钟茂森博士 an associate Professor in Queensland University.  Venerable Ding Hong knows Theory of Relativity very well and gave many talks on Einstein’s Theory and also many talks on CAUSALITY, reincarnations and rebirths. It seems that, not only should I abstain from pure entertainment like movie and concert, but I should avoid NEWS too.  As it was explained (and I am also quite convinced) that most news are either surrounding the subject of 饮食男女 or something to do with the breaking of the five precepts — killing, stealing, lying, drinking and sexual misconduct(杀、盗、淫、妄、酒、贪、嗔、痴、慢、疑).  So really to keep our 5 (or six) senses calm and pure (清静), we could only chant “Amitabha” or frequently go back to our breathe like in meditating. We are in this 五浊恶世 world for a reason.  And the reason is not to bash in luxury and comfort (although, it  simply spends our 福报 — merit or reward), and when we have none of this 福报 left, all we have is obscuration to walk the 8 noble path, and then it’s going to be rough ride all the way.  For instance one may feel sleepy when one wants to meditate, couldn’t get to dharma talk on time or couldn’t make it at all either because one is sick or bus is late, or there are objection from people surrounding you.  There could also be discouragement or ridicule causing one to go further and further away from the Dharma Law etc, etc.  It seems like摄六根 (block the six passages) is what most Buddhist monks do, but upasaka and upasika should live to do that as well, otherwise, most practice will go as waste.

The Noble Path (V-I-S-A, L-E-M-C) starts with the Right View, in the Pure Land and Chan Buddhism teaching, it is the first and the most important of the eight, and it roughly means, one must view “I” as fake, completely understand the law of “causality”, and act (that means live every moment) completely wary of whether one is gaining merit, or destroying it.  Learn that there is no way one can do something and not be known as even the smallest act is stored in the alaya consciousness (阿赖耶识).


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